Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let me eat cake!

So I was headed up to Green Bay, Wis., to cover the Raiders-Packers game for, and along the way, I noticed something.

When you drive from Milwaukee's Gen. Mitchell Airport to Appleton, Wis., the suburb where we were staying, you drive up the highway and make a left at a town called Manitowoc, which I can't pronounce (I think it's "man-i-toe-WOC" but I keep saying "man-i-TOE-woc"), but which sounded awfully familiar.

See, in addition to the Burger Boat Company ("the ship you can eat like a meal"), Manitowoc is home to...

Uniquely Yours Pastry Shoppe, makers of fine wedding cakes and the best mint brownies I've ever eaten.

So I did what any sane person would do... or at least, what any half-crazed munkee would do. I stopped to place my holiday order!

And that's how I get to spend the better part of a Saturday evening with the one, the only Jin!

And may I say, she's every bit as lovely and charming in person as she is on "teh internets."

The shop is lovely, and includes not just a wide variety of cakes, cookies, pies, bars, cookies and cookies, but an area filled with Tarot cards, used books and, most importantly...

Jewels' jewelry!

So after a quick tour of the shop, and an introduction to Mr. Jin and the Jindog, we headed off to dinner at the Courthouse Pub, which features Jin's Chocolate Oblivion on its menu.

(Directions as best I recall: Turn right on Marshall, turn left at Golddiggers - adults only! - and turn right at the prison.)

And then it was a few hours of dining, whining and just generally enjoying the hell out of ourselves.

Then, after placing my Sweetbox order - order your own here! - I got a nice lil' Hanukkah gift: A box of assorted cookies for me and Marisa, including lemony ones for M and berry and chocolate/PB ones for me.

(She ate four within about two hours of me getting off the plane Monday morning. I killed six more at work Tuesday night. Thank goodness they're small.)

But, by way of rebuttal, I did not try to steal a whole tray of the berry ones, as she claims! I was merely, um, moving them to a more easterly location.

Anyway, despite one small incident in which I nearly left my cookies where I'd safely hidden them in the rental car (resulting in a frantic rush back to the Hertz counter at 5:15 a.m. before my plane flight), the visit proved spectacular.

Jin's a helluva baker. And a helluva lady, too.

And did I mention the cookies are pretty darn good? And she ships them.

(Not like Burger Boat Company ships, I mean mail order.)

So... you've read this far. What are you waiting for? Click the links I so painstakingly insert into all my posts that you usually never click on, and order some cookies in time for the holidays!

Yeah, I'm still hoping for the munkee cookies - ow! dropping that hint hurt! - but still. You gotta trust me on this one. These cookies don't miss. And the brownies don't, either!

Certificate of Authenticity (brownies not included):


Dino aka Katy said...

well I am glad you had fun. I can't wait for my Vanilla Bliss cookies which are the payment I required of Miss Jin in order to join me in Vegas this weekend

Eternally Curious said...

Excellent post - and yes, being the oddball I am, I clicked on all the links (well - nearly all!) (^_^)

Jewels said...

Well, I clicked on ALL of them... *snicker* that club only got a 4.6 rating... I mostly stuck to the 8 and above myself... ;p

Oh, Jin is GAWJISS! And she's wearing my JEWELS. MY JEWELS!!! Yay!

It really sounds like you guys had a nice visit. I envy you, I really do. Hey, what does the shoppe smell like? Can you describe it for me?


Ace said...

Jewels, I think you'd probably elevate the club at least two points.

The shoppe smells like, um, cookies. Like baking cookies. You know that really nice smell of sugar cookies? Like that, with notes of incense/potpourri.

And a touch of snowed-on munkee.

Katy, Vanilla Bliss cookies sound heavenly! The cookies travel very well, I must say.

EC, glad you lived up to your name! We munkees have an appreciation for the curious in life. Like George.

jin said...


Fabulous post Munkee!!!

...and your pictures are divine! Um...not that I was concerned you would take a bad photo... I was concerned my nervousness would show!

Haaahahahaa!!! I can't believe you found a link for Golddiggers! LMFAO!!!

So glad you both enjoyed the cookies. So glad you came to visit!