Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holidays with blogs

Well, those of you who follow my comments have probably figured out I'm a big fan of Jin's food and Jewels' jewelery.

So they became part of my little holiday adventure!

(The food and the jewelery, not Jin and Jewels... well, them in spirit, but not in person... you know what I mean.)

Jin's latest yummy package became the centerpiece of the weekend dessert, though our gracious hosts had provided plenty of tasty post-dinner edibles, the brownies and cookies were a huge hit.

The sugar cookies were soft and chewy, which won many compliments, and the brownies were on the receiving end of several "delicious!" remarks.

And then, 'twas the night before Christmas and the moment of truth for my big gift of the year... the custom-made necklace I ordered from Jewels for my mother.

Well, she was absolutely delighted. Here she is, delightedly wearing her new necklace.

Those are glass beads in multiple colors, with a custom-made heart bead from one of Jewels' connections and a pretty silver toggle clasp you can't see here. It's on the other side of her chest, to balance out with her real heart!

(She did get a little camera-shy, so this is only her from the neck down... But still...)

It's absolutely beautiful. I love it. And more importantly, Mom does, too. That made it a wonderful Christmas!

Happy holidays, y'all!


Jewels said...

Yay! yay! YAYYYYYYYYYY! Mummy Munkee loved it? Oh that makes me SO happy!!!
It looks good on her too, not too long! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aric Blue said...

Merry Xmas! Save me some cookies! Or don't...I'm too fat as it is. :)

Eternally Curious said...

Howdy Ace! Just stopping by to say hello to a fellow Jin fan! I'd stay longer, but Jin's Pretty Babies are calling my name! Your Jin treats look fab. Gotta Go. Now. (I'm sure you understand, right?)!! Teehee!

jin said...

Oh mannn....I never even commented on this one?!

Well, I've got a GOOD excuse! :-S
But I read it...& I even linked to it!

Forgive me??????

If all goes according to plan....I should be able to SLEEP ALL DAY tomorrow (today? lol...Sun.)!!!
*Cross your fingers for me*