Friday, December 28, 2007

It's better to be lucky than good

I don't know if the Fates just love Marisa or the Animal Gods were trying to reward my vain effort to save the kitty last night.

But either way, I caught a break today at the video game store.

M sent me out to pick up a fourth controller for her Wii for a little party we're having this weekend...

So I get to the store, and the two people in front of me in line ask for Wii controllers, are duly told the store is sold out, and leave. Me, I stick around to buy a couple of decks of Magic cards and trade in a few DVDs for store credit.

So I'm getting my credit, wrapping things up, and a guy walks in and asks if he can return...

A Wii controller. New in box.

So I ask my guy, "If he's returning that, can I buy it?"

The short answer: Yup.

Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good.

Editor's note: I'm adding a new label: "videogames." So look for it from here on out.