Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why put crap in water?

Yes, I drink bottled water. I know, Evian spelled backwards is "naive," but the water fountains at the office are the suck.

And let's be honest, while the caffeine in Coca-Cola is a big thumbs-up, the sugar ain't so good for the Monkey Waistline Tracker, if you know what I mean.

(I don't do diet soda. For one thing, artificial sweeteners taste awful. For another thing, they do funky things to my stomach. Not quite what they do to some people, but unpleasant nonetheless.)

Anyway, that leaves me with coffee and water as my beverages of choice at work.

The other day, though, the awesome robotic vending machine ran out of good old-fashioned water.

And I was stuck with "lemon water" (see above).

Let's make something clear: I don't particularly care for lemon in my water. Conveniently, Marisa loves lemon in her water, so at most restaurants, I can just take my little lemon wedge out and drop it in her glass.

(Oddly enough, I like lemonade.)

But it's one thing to have a bit of lemon juice in one's water, diffusing.

It's another to have lemon-flavored water.

And let me tell you, it tasted awful.

Do people find plain old refreshing water that bad we need to add crap to it to give it taste? It's water, for crying out loud. It's not supposed to taste like anything!

Want to bet the idiots who oppose putting fluoride in water probably don't hesitate to drink this garbage, either?

Either way, it's the last time I stare into the vending machine and say, "Eh, it's just lemon. How bad can it be?"



Stewie said...

Hate lemon water, but love raspberry water.

It's like koolaid, but better for you.

Lesley said...

Last time I flew, I got through security (after surrendering my nice bottle of plain Dasani) to find none of the airport stores were open and the vending machines were all sold out of regular Dasani. So I bought the lemon. Like you, I thought "It's lemon, how bad could it be?" And also like you, I thought it was unbelievably awful. I was thirsty, but not thirsty enough to drink that. It tasted like lemon Pledge!

Marisa L. B. said...

I love lemon in my water but can't stand the Dasani lemon water. There's one brand of fruit water I like. I think its called Fruit Water actually and its more of a fruit essence without any artificial sweeteners.

MitchJ said...

I totally agree. Water should be water. Period.

Funny, I always take my lemon out of my iced tea glass and drop it in Kelly's water. Must be a couple thing :D