Friday, December 14, 2007

I've ranted, now I'll whine

A minor aside:

Have y'all noticed the new poll?

Do you care that I'm putting these up?

I ask because I figure you like the surveys, and I put these up because this is your chance to take an active role in my survey-blogging.

But the first poll? Four votes.

This poll? So far, three.

C'mon, you're reading. It's two clicks. You can do it!

Or the next poll's going to be:

Yes! Yay!
No! Boo!

OK, end of whining. For ranting, see death penalty post, below.


MitchJ said...

I said it was okay. I may have to watch again to be sure. ;)

Stewie said...

I usually just look at the meat of your posts, so I completely missed the polls.

And tag.