Monday, December 17, 2007

Things come in pairs?

I always thought it was threes... but as an addendum to the last post:

Last week, one day, two of my staffers left messages for me when I got in.

The first one was a plaintive young lady, informing me she'd be late because she'd gotten a flat tire and was trying to get it repaired.

The second was a plaintive young man, informing me he'd be late, and in a rental car, because his brakes had gone haywire and he'd had to leave his car at the repair shop.

So today, I get in, with a bruise now growing on my forehead...

To find a message from my third staffer, a plantive woman, informing me she'd be late because she was seeing the doctor because... she slipped and fell on the ice this morning.

And to think, last week, we were the two going, "Man, we'd better be careful after what happened to them."