Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Zultek Watch 2007-08!

The good news is, after several months of searching for Matt Zultek and it appears he is still employed in hockey.

The Toledo Storm of the ECHL, Zultek's last team, suspended operations at the conclusion of the 2006-07 season due to an ownership change and stadium-development plans.

After that, I sort of lost track of my favorite pseudo-failed hockey prospect. He didn't sign with another ECHL team, nor an AHL team, and sure wasn't in the NHL.

The otherwise-fantabulous Internet Hockey Database had no listing for him in '07-08, and Google searches weren't hitting much. I was starting to fear he'd hung up the skates and returned to St. Thomas University.

But no.

I believe I've found him.

The problem is, he's playing in Europe. On the sixth page of a Google search - four pages after my previous post on him - I found a link to my guy Matt scoring a hat trick in a game.

In Austria's Erste Bank Eishockey Liga. Or possibly in Germany's Deutsche Elite League.

I can't tell. I don't speak German.

But back on November 9th, Matt Zultek bringt Bulldogs-Sieg. Whatever that means.

Further bulletins as events and English sites allow.