Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The miracle of MySpace

There are certain things that, to me, really bring home the amazing cultural differences between my late-20s fiancee and my early-30s self. We're not quite four years apart, but there are things she's involved in that just baffle me in ways I'm normally not baffled in the slightest.

Like the Internet, or gadgets.

For instance, she's a texter. The first month after we dated, I got a cell-phone bill that nailed for more than $70 in text-message overages. I had to get a whole new plan just to keep up. This was second nature to her, but I probably send more texts back-and-forth with her in a day than I did in a week (maybe month) prior to her. (Years 1-32 B.M.? That sounds wrong...)

A couple of other things she's all around that I can't quite get right: MySpace and Facebook.

I have a MySpace page, and I even got it before we met, but mostly I just use it to add friends. (I have 250 and counting. Only 4.8 billion more 'til I catch Tila Tequila.

And lately, I've gotten a couple of Facebook invites that I haven't done anything with, despite a colleague showing me all the cool bells and whistles.

The one thing I love about MySpace, though, is that everyone seems to have it.

And I mean everyone.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday in an e-mail conversation with a friend from high school I've seen maybe once in the years since. We were best of pals for about two years growing up (my junior and senior years, her freshman and sophomore), but went I went away to college, we just sort of lost touch - her family moved away and she went off to school herself.

Out of the blue... Bam! A MySpace e-mail asking if I'm the guy she knows, or just some other dude with the same name.

About 2,000 words worth of e-mail later, we've caught up on our lives like we never left off the conversation.

I could spend months telling stories about the two best years of my high school life, which she was a big part of, but I'm just amazed that in some small way, she's back in my life again after 15 years. I used to think about her from time to time, wonder if she was happy, what she was up to.

Now I know what she's up to, and yes, she's happy. And it made my day.

I'm still 99.9% clue-free on MySpace, but I'm sure glad it's there.

Editor's note: You've seen the Jinpost about me, haven't you? Well, watch this space for my Adventures in Jinland post/rebuttal (cookie-stealing munkee, indeed!) soon.