Monday, December 31, 2007

Dinner and a move (or two)

Eat your heart out, Jewels!

I've got a belly dancer of my very own!

That's Marisa (girlmunkee in the middle!) with her friend Miss President dancing up a storm with the weekend entertainment at a place called Marakesh.

It's Moroccan food, the first I've had since I was at Epcot Center as a kid.

I seem to recall being not too thrilled with the food - which my parents liked - but somewhat more interested in the belly dancer, being about 13 or so.

This time around, I was much more interested in the food, which proved tasty.

On the other hand, when the belly dancer was over by our table, shaking her hips and butt right next to me (I was on the end), it felt a little creepily strip club-esque. Especially with M sitting right next to me.

But the feeling quickly passed when she moved away - she was a very good performer, visiting each table and at one point balancing a sword on her head while she danced!

(I might've been the only one to notice a big guy at another table balance the bread basket on his head and do a bit of a "Walk Like an Egyptian" head move.)

Because I can.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, well... M and Miss Prez beat me to posting - because even though I took the pic above, I had to wait for M to download it off her camera.

In any event, fun times for all, and if things were a bit pricey, I'd say seeing my girl bust out her white-girl moves was probably worth every penny!

(And I heard a couple of good jokes from Miss Prez's fiance, Matt. Complete with Scottish accent, which matched nicely with my Scottish joke! ... "Do they call me the old Scottish bridge-builder? No!")

Editor's note: Before I go off to get polluted at the neighborhood party, let me just wish you all a happy and healthy New Year! As someone I used to know once said, "May the coming year be rich in all that is good." Have a great '08!