Thursday, August 31, 2006

To quote "Clash of the Titans"...

It is done. Acrisius of Argos has condemned his daughter, Danae, to the sea.

OK, maybe not.

But what IS done is that I have finished labeling all the posts for my blog.

All 234 of them. It took hours.

But don't say I don't do anything for my readers. Or my OCD.

There were 24 topics, in the end, presumably sortable. And probably not nearly as consistent as they should be.

It was fun reading all my old posts, though. Except the one about Morgan dying. That was sad.

Anyway, labels. Enjoy.

Hopefully now I can resume my usual random posting (yes, "random" is one of the labels) and cease all this "Whaaaa! HTML! Beta is hard!" whimpering.