Monday, August 28, 2006

Scared HTML Munkee...

OK, there's one last step I can take with the blog, and that's to convert to Blogger Beta's new layout scheme.

But it changes all the HTML stuff I've tried so hard (right up until just about now) to make just right, and it turns it into a WYSIWYG-type click-and-click thing.

That would be fine, even better than fine since I'm faking it on the HTML, except...

I could lose my whole template-y thing with all the links and boxes and so forth.

I want to try it, but I'm scared. What if I lose all my HTML? You know, like the little Sloganizer and Scrobbler boxes at the bottom. I put them in through HTML and I don't know how I could do it in this new layout thing.

When you go to the layout thing (the RRP has the new version), there's a button for HTML editing, but it's not ready yet.

What do I do?



Katy said...

hey converted mine this weekend and besides having to redo the site meter manually everything else stayed and looks good. They also keep a copy of your old templete incase you want to convert back

jin said...

First: GREAT new avatar!!!

Second: I'm too scared to change mine over yet. (I just realized, it looks like you did yours!)

Third: The Post Office ate my Netflix selection for tonight.
:-( (All I got was half an envelope, empty & a "Received Without Contents" stamp on it.
It was supposed to be 'I Drink Your Blood' (1970). Should I rejoice or cry?

Ace said...

Thanks, ladies, for the advice and compliment!

I think I'm going to try and convert over this week. I'm scared.

I think you should cry. I cry whenever something gets eaten in the mail. The cookie cookbook that I made cookies out of when I was a kid got eaten by the mail when my Mom sent it to me. I cried. I threatened the mail people. I complained to the Postal Service.

Then I bought a new one on eBay. It's not the same one, but it brings back the same memories.

And it really is the only thing I can cook out of.