Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dollars and 'Sense

I signed up for AdSense.

Thus the public service announcement atop the blog.

When I'm "approved," they'll change it to ads targeted at you, my readers.

All six or seven or 10 of you.

I know, it seems I've finally sold out to The Man, but really, I just wanted to see what would happen. So click if you want. Don't if you don't. I think I might get paid if you click. But I didn't read the rules that closely.

Here's how I'm thinking it'll work. You'll log in, and it'll show you an ad targeted right at you. Except, my demographics are all over the place. I've got IT people, pastry people, public service people, movie people, journalism people, a couple of college students... and my mother.

But as I ponder possible targeted ads, I come up with:

1. Kitchen supplies (for Jin, that's an easy one)
2. Medical pharmaceuticals (for the Lesley, until she's all better)
3. Either some Web-design thing or some book thing (Stewie)
4. Places to buy DVDs (Aric, and Stewie, too)
5. Buying classified ads in the paper (my co-workers)
6. Refinancing your car (Freak)
7. Home mortgage applications (Freak)
8. Refinancing your student loans (Mike and the college crew)

And, of course...
9. Vacation destinations (Mom)

So watch for my brand-new ads! To borrow a quote, "Damn the Man! Save the Empire!"


jin said...

I'm #1!!!

Thank you & I clicked twice.

I would click more but I hear that's not a good idea because they know.

I'll click again tomorrow because you linked Unplugged, too! YAY!

Lesley said...

Pharmaceuticals, hmmm? VERY FUNNY!

Okay, Mr. Smartypants Man, the ads I see are for a "prayer ringtone" or a "beautiful musical ringtone." Prayer ringtone? What the hell is that?

I was going to yell at you for the ads but I figured Stewie would take care of that for me, and I'm sure he'll stop by soon. :)

So does this mean you decided to stick with Blogger?

Ace said...

You get the prayer ringtones because you're a Patron Saint, silly!

I get ads for Women Bloggers and Comedy Central.

Probably because I mostly read women bloggers (you, Jin twice, Freak, Norman, Crystal), and I wrote about "Last Comic Standing," which isn't on CC, but is about comedy.

But I'm not allowed to click on my own links. Even if they interest me. Isn't that sad?

Stewie said...

As much as I want to scream right now about the ads, I won't because you're my bud and it's your blog and if I did scream, it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference. lol.