Sunday, August 27, 2006

Movin' on up!

OK, now we're cooking with gas, as far as upgrading goes...

Please note my new, improved sidebars at right.

The link to my "unofficial" home page is gone, as this blog is now my "unofficial" home page.

(My unofficial LotR page - that's "Life on the Rim," not "Lord of the Rings" - now is just a redirect link.)

My official home page, of course, is DonkeyHat, which I share with the inimitable Stewie.

In addition, I added a link to my MySpace page, where all of you can go and be my friends. Only 2.3 billion more until I catch up to the infamous Tila Tequila!

And for the Raiders fans out there, I've added a link to my new Blogger-based Raiders Research Project page, which was formerly based off my unofficial site. Why struggle through the ultra-basic HTML when I can let Blogger do the homepage work for me?

Of course, those files remain on my own Web space and subject to my own HTML struggles.

Still, it's all one more great big step toward Internet unity in my life, and one giant leap toward, well, Internet unity in my life.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Please feel free to comment and inform me of any screwups I might have made.


jin said...

I've 'noted your new, improved sidebars at right.'


I hate myspace.
*I have an account there too*
I never use it tho.
*well, sometimes*


Happy Monday!!!
*or not*


Aric Blue said...

Hey man, I got bad news for you: There are no other Raiders fans left but you.

So sorry!