Monday, June 12, 2006

Two more random thoughts...

... While I'm still hyper...

1. Don't you hate when you forget something, only to remember it later, when it's wretchedly too late? I know, recurring theme today.

But I need to shave. Only I'm out of shave gel, my last can having blown up in D.C. the other week.

I was in the drugstore yesterday, picking up a prescription. I grabbed some toilet paper, too. But I actually stood there, saying to myself, I know I need something else. I know it. But I couldn't remember what.

So here I am, today, in need of a shave, and of course, I know what I needed to get. I knew it as soon as I got up and went into the bathroom this morning. Sheesh.

2. Sometimes I worry that when I go on dates and to social events and things like that, I talk too much. I usually chalk it off to nervousness. But sometimes, I worry that the real reason is loneliness. Like, I've lived alone for so long - six years since my last quasi-live-in girlfriend, three and change since my last real gf of any sort - I'm going stir-crazy talking to myself and Mookie, and when I get to talk to a real, live human (not to be confused with a co-worker) it just sort of all pours out.

Great, one more thing to be paranoid about.

OK, back to folding laundry, and thence to bed, perchance to dream.

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Freak Magnet said...

Lately I'll be thinking I forgot something only to remember right before it would have been bad had I not remembered. If that makes sense.