Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hawaii Diarii, Day 4, Part 2

This update brought to you by Lucky Monkey Casino. Guaranteed fun, or your MONKEY back.

• That nap hit the spot. Two hours, to the irritation of housekeeping.

• I went to another kitschy tourist thing, and played 3D Glow Golf. Miniature golf (my favorite!) with black-lights, neon paint and 3D glasses. It was great, although I almost fell down a couple of times and couldn't putt for anything. I did get my round-ly hole-in-one on one of the gimmick holes. And there's a little surprise at the end that was excellent.

• Then it was off to dinner. Royal Steak & Seafood lost out for a time-honored reason... it wasn't open for dinner yet. Hey, 5:15 is too much to ask? But then I found my way to something even more fun - Top of Waikiki. Special discount sunset menu (like the early bird for tourists I guess) and... it spins! That's right, a revolving restaurant. I splurged and it wasn't even too much. Buffalo chicken cordon bleu appetizer, surf & turf, even a little dessert. Cute-as-hell waitress, too. It took about an hour to go all the way around, and by stalling for dessert, I made it 360 degrees. Great views. Good food. What it really needs is a mime - and it's rare I think mimes should exist for any reason - because the entrance leads right to the spinning part, and I think if there were a mime doing that walk-in-place thing backwards against the spin, it would be excellently funny. Gotta love touristville - it's got to have been the most casual expensive restaurant crowd ever. I can't say I was much help, what with my Lucky Monkey T-shirt and shorts, but the customers were showing more cleavage than the waitresses. And that was just the men. I have a fondness for "Top of the ..." restaurants ever since I had my college graduation dinner at Top of the Triangle (now defunct, just like the restaurant I got engaged). And I love revolving restaurants. Revolving anything, really. It's like being able to play with your food.

• There was a small tragedy at the restaurant. A little bug fell into my water glass and drowned. It was sad. I'm having so much fun, I felt sorry for the little fellow. But maybe the restaurant should check its screens.

• Finished the Tuesday Times crossword (yay!) in about 40 minutes. I've got some doubts about two spots, but otherwise, aces. I almost never do the crossword - don't get the Times - so it's kind of a good feeling of accomplishment.

And that'll do'er. Time to go to work. And hey, if the guys from TLA Releasing are reading this, yes, I'm reviewing your Danger After Dark DVDs on my VACATION so I can make street date. So I hope you guys'll share the love when your next release hits, no matter how this review turns out.

It's 7:40 local. Less than 12 hours until I really, really have to work. Sigh.

On to the next part!


Real said...

Man. You are in Hawaii.
Stop blogging and go get lei'd

Ace said...

Dude, read the next post... I got lei'd twice! :)

Renaldo said...

This update brought to you by Lucky Monkey Casino. Guaranteed fun, or your MONKEY back.

LOLLERS! hahahahahaha I don't care if you made that up, or just typed what was on the shirt, but that was damn funny.

I love revolving restaurants, too. There's something oddly fascinating about them. In Seattle there's the Space Needle, which revolves, but really slowly. Since it's all a circle anyways, you can't really tell from the interior. Food is mediocre, too. Out by the airport there's the Top of the Inn, at the big Holiday Inn. In its heyday, it had singing waiters and waitresses. I used to have a girlfriend that sang there and I'd go visit her occasionally. The food was too expensive, appetisers were like $10, and this was in the late 80's. I went back again a couple of years ago, and the restaurant is barely open. None of the glitz or glamour left, and they serve mediocer cafe type fair like NY steaks and patty melts.