Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hawaii Diarii, Day 2 (Beach interlude)

Two other points of interest from earlier:

• Fire = Food. Not all restaurants have little flaming torches, but so far, all the little flaming torches I've seen have been in front of restaurants. Good to know.

• At the zoo, there's a lizard building full of little lizards in glass cases. The first one was surrounded by small children (and their parents) as one little lizard was biting the other little lizard, apparently fighting over some food. Then the first little lizard started to shimmy and shake and climb on the other one and all the parents THISQUICK grabbed the kids and TIMETOSEETHENEXTCASEKIDS!

So I went to the beach. Spent two hours there. Even got in the water, briefly.

You can tell I'm not a beachgoer for a few reasons:

• I have no beach towel. I took one straight from the hotel bathroom. It might've been the bathmat.

• I put suntan lotion on, everywhere except the middle of my back, which I can't reach, and... my face, which I sort of forgot about until I was out there a while and started thinking, my, my face is getting rather warm. My face is now a nice dark brown, several shades darker than the rest of me, which is still rather, um, not-white.

• I will say this, I may not be the most coordinated beachgoer, but I'll bet I was the only one reading biographies of the eight full-rank generals of the Confederacy. I probably wasn't the only one sneaking glances at girls in bikinis around my book, though.

• Turns out, the beach I was on last night was about six hotels down. That's how lost I was.

• Oh, and why does a hotel that fronts onto the beach have not one, but two swimming pools? The water wasn't THAT cold. In fact, it was rather nice, once you got used to it. A bit salty (yeah, I got a mouthful when I inadvertantly turned toward a wave). I did avoid losing my contacts when I went under, which is good.

My day at the beach complete with no major injuries, I'm off to find some Advil for my headache, and some dinner. My eye is on a Hawaiian BBQ place I passed last night, then this afternoon. As I went by this afternoon, some people going the other way said, "this is the place they told us about!" which means one of two things: a) it's good; or b) a long and sordid history with the board of health. I'm hoping for the former.

First, the other monkey T-shirt. Then after dinner, perhaps, the indoor rifle range. And then the nightclub. Assuming I'm still awake.

Final report for the day TK later, assuming I'm sober and awake enough to write.

It's 5ish, Hawaii time.

On to the next part!