Friday, June 23, 2006

Hawaii Diarii, Day 7, Part 1

This is my busiest day, so I'll be rushing through this post between events...

• Morning was spent at the job fair (I think I've at least scored some preliminary interviews and the like), and then in a session on finding stuff on the Web. That's one of my major job skills, so it was always nice to get more helpful sites for my repertoire. I've got a reputation as someone who can find anything online fast, so I've got to stay ahead of the curve.

• Lunch was at the AAJA general membership meeting, which was about... surprise... fund-raising. The talks you can imagine, including the little tiff between a questioner and an officer. The bag lunch... big. Tasty. Awkward. Mind you, we're sitting in chairs in a ballroom - and trying to eat half a chilled chicken by hand! Sandwich, cheese, crackers, whatever, I'm just glad I'm not wearing more of it.

• Graft update: Got a coffee mug and a notebook/pad thing at the lunch - from Harrah's Entertainment, of all places. Also have acquired a couple of miniature foam sports balls, a highlighter, some thing-in-a-bag that I haven't opened, and the usual assortment of seminar material.

Two more seminars this afternoon, then I'm fulfilling my silent-auction gathering life by volunteering during the actual event itself. Consider this a blog-and-bathroom break, or just chalk it off as I got tired of hearing people gripe about money - even if the organization is more than deserving - so I skipped out early, but had nowhere to go.

And no, I haven't even seen the outside today. And I won't until probably 8:30 or 9 p.m. local. (It's 1:30 now.) So there'll probably be a late update. If you're lucky. If I survive the afternoon/evening.

On to the next part!

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jin said...

Hawaii....I've never been...
How are the desserts???
Pleaseeee...describe them in exquisite coconut, mango, pineapple detail???

*jin jups up & down*
You linked me!

(Netflix just sent me Cronenberg's Rabid & Land of the Dead...good weekend material, I hope?!)