Saturday, March 10, 2007

My 101 in 1,001

So my Marisa has this thing on her blog about 101 in 1,001, which is the mother of all to-do lists: 101 things you want to do in the next 1,001 days.

Which is nearly 3 years, making it the perfect set of New Year's resolutions for a procrastinator like me.

So I'm going to make my own list. If I can actually think of 101 things I want to accomplish badly enough to basically dare myself to do it.

Aside, can I call her "my" Marisa? I mean, we're dating. Like, officially. So if she's my girl, I guess I can call her that, huh? I suppose, since I think she reads my blog, she'll tell me if I can't. Which could make for an awkward weekend.

And yes, if you're wondering, unlike "my" Mookie, Marisa is real and not, as my best friend's wife asked, inflatable.

(This site has the rundown on what to do with this list thing.)

Anyway, back on topic, here goes. I'll add this to my "Special Projects" list and mark 'em off as I finish. No, they're not in any particular order. Just how I thought of them, then organized into alphabetical categories.

And we'll see if she's still "my" Marisa in 1,001 days, now won't we?

Status as of June 30, 2009:
Completed: 37
In progress: 6
To go: 49
Abandoned: 10

Entertainment and sports:
1. Conduct an interview in a victorious Oakland Raiders lockerroom.
7. Watch all of my DVD movies.
June 2009: I'm close. I have about a half-dozen to go.
10. Watch all of my DVD TV shows.
12. Go to NJPAC for something.
13. See the Somerset Patriots play at home.
Planning to do this July 31, 2009, baby willing.
14. See the Newark Bears Sussex Skyhawks play at home.
I'm switching this, because we moved up their way and I don't work in Newark anymore...
15. Attend a championship sporting event of some kind.
16. Check out the AFI 100 List. Watch at least 10 films I've never seen.
17. Play tennis at least twice.
June 2009: This one may be on hold due to some shoulder pain that affects my swing.

19. Play out the grand D&D battle between my good PC and my evil one.
20. Paint at least one more Blood Bowl teams.
21. Paint all of my Blood Bowl teams.
22. Help my father create a philatelic exhibit and actually exhibit it.
23. Own a bubble hockey game.
24. Get all of the state quarters that are out.
June 2009: I've got almost all of them. I'll have to check my collection...
25. Complete my Raiders media guide collection.
Need the following years: 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968. April 10, 2007: Won 1964 and 1965 on eBay. August 2007: Won 1968 on eBay.
26. Complete my various media guide sets.

At home and at work:
31. Paint the house, or at least have it painted.
As of June 2009: Four rooms down (two bedrooms, dining room, office/den), three to go (one bedroom, kitchen, "Man Room"), two-plus we aren't planning on painting (two bathrooms, assorted hallways), one we will need to hire someone (living room with cathedral ceiling).
39. Organize my files into my filing cabinet.

Personal development:
43. Get my weight under 200 pounds.
45. Get certified as a professional locksmith.
47. Reach $100,000 in my retirement portfolio.
50. Go an entire day without swearing.
51. Read the Bible.
54. Volunteer to do something.
55. Donate at least $1,000 to something.
58. Take at least one more locksmithing course.

Reading and writing:
59. Finish my NaNoWriMo novel and get it (self?) published.
60. Write another full-length script.
61. Read all of my limited edition horror fiction books.
62. Read all of my Civil War books.
65. Get a piece of creative writing published in a legitimate publication.
66. Read all of my graphic novels.
67. Read all of my books.
68. Read the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Sartorial splendor:

Travel and adventure:
74. Learn to Scuba dive.
75. See the Grand Canyon.
76. Visit the super-giant Atlanta aquarium.
77. Do more target shooting.
78. Go deep-sea fishing.
79. Go back to Las Vegas.
80. Play cards in Atlantic City (or Vegas).
84. Visit at least one Hall of Fame.
86. Go back to New Orleans.
87. Visit my grandparents' graves. All four.
Aug. 5, 2007: Visited my paternal grandparents' graves in Florida.
88. Visit at least two Civil War battlefields.

We crave sustenance:
89. Learn to cook at least three meals that don't involve a box.
Sept. 1, 2007: Baked chocolate ribbon cake from scratch. Not technically a meal, but certainly food.
93. Cook a nice dinner for eight.

94. Pay off my credit cards.
December 2008: Have paid off all but one.
95. Finish my family tree, photos and all.
96. Make the After Further Review first-year star award a yearly one. With a plaque.
98. Rebuild my investment portfolio on my computer.
100. Take a photograph worth blowing up and framing.
101. Make a new list by Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009.

2. Attend at least three New York Yankees games.
Wednesday, July 4, 2007: First one (Twins defeat Yankees). Sunday, April 6, 2008: Second one (Yankees defeat Rays). Wednesday, June 3, 2009: Third one (scheduled!)
3. Attend at least three Philadelphia Flyers games.
Saturday, March 24, 2007: First one (Islanders 4, Flyers 3). Wednesday, March 28, 2007: Second one (Flyers 5, Hurricanes 1). April 8, 2007: Third one (Flyers 4, Sabres 3).
6. Take my nephew to at least one Red Bull New York game. July 2008: I'm going to count this one, because I went to a game, and so did he, just not together...
8. Attend at least three Broadway shows.
June 2007: First one ("Beyond Glory"). February 2008: Second one ("The Little Mermaid"). Oct. 5, 2008: Third one ("Mamma Mia!")
9. Attend at least one concert.
July 11, 2007: Travis at the Electric Factory in Philly.
11. Get caught up on my Strat-O-Matic hockey.
Saturday, May 5, 2007: Finished FHL season, commenced JAMHL season.
27. Update the Raiders Research Project.
2008 season: This one is all but done.
28. Complete at least a half-dozen new Research Projects.
2008 season: OK, so it's really only four, but I've got two others in the works.
32. Buy furniture for the patio.
Summer 2008: We got a table and four chairs, and on sale!
33. Get promoted or get a new job.
Effective May 14, 2007: Promoted!
34. Be on time to work at least four out of five days for a month.
June-July 2007: I've been really good about this.
35. No wearing sweatshirts to work at least four out of five days for a month.
April-May 2007: I've been really good about this.
36. Replace my master bathroom toilet seat.
July 7, 2007: Done. Just in time to move.
37. Organize the refrigerator door.
March 30, 2007: Done.
38. Use my fireplace. And not burn the house down.
November-December 2007: Got a fire going (sort of)!
41. Go to the complex's clubhouse and/or pool.
July 7-15 2007: Walked past the pool on a walk with Marisa and Norton. Didn't say I had to swim, did I?
44. Resume my acting career in some fashion.
Summer 2008: See me this winter in "Ninjas Vs. Zombies"!
46. Get engaged and/or married (and/or some kind of permanent relationship).
May 13, 2007: Got engaged to Marisa! (UPDATE: Aug. 3, 2008: Married Marisa!)
48. Set my alarm for 10:30 or earlier every day for two weeks.
June-July 2007: I've been really good about this.
49. Get out of bed before noon every day for two weeks.
June-July 2007: I've been really good about this.
52. Go to Temple. At least once. For real services.
Sept. 13 and 22, 2007: Attended Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services.
53. Learn HTML.
Spring semester 2009: I bought a book; I can do what needs doing in my little world.
56. Apply to a master's degree program.
March 2009: Accepted into Centenary College's MA in English Literature program.
57. Update my will.
February 2009: Marisa and I updated our wills.
63. Catch up on my newspaper reading and keep it up for a month.
April-May, 2007: I've been really good about this, too.
69. Own a new suit.
March 2008: Ordered custom-tailored suit. Summer 2008: Took possession of same.
71. Own six pairs of shoes.
September 2007: I realized after unpacking that I do, in fact, own more than six pairs of footwear. Perhaps not all technically "shoes," but I think this one's good.
72. Figure out a way to wash my baseball caps. Wash them.
March 29, 2007: Ordered a thing that lets you put them in the dishwasher/washing machine. April 3, 2007: The thing arrived. Washing will commence soon.
73. Own a watch. Wear it regularly.
December 2008: Marisa bought me a watch as a Hanukkah gift.
81. Visit at least one museum I've never been to before.
April 16, 2007: Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.
82. Visit at least three museums.
April 16-20, 2007: A variety of Scottish museums.
83. Visit at least one national park.
August 2008: Went to North Cascades National Park on the honeymoon!
85. Visit a state or country I've never been to.
April 15-21, 2007: Traveled to Scotland.
90. Build a wine collection of at least one case.
June-July 2007: I'm going to count this one, as I've bought many bottles of wine. And drank them.
91. Eat at a nice restaurant I've never eaten at before.
May 5, 2007: Went to a lovely Pan-Asian place with Marisa.
97. Be interviewed by someone, instead of doing the interviewing.
March 2008: Interviewed by graduate student for journalism-related thesis.
99. Do a good deed for a stranger.
March 23, 2007: A lady in the drug store today asked me to get something off a shelf for her. And another lady near the office asked for directions, and even though I didn't know them, I sent her to someone who did.

4. Attend at least one Philadelphia Phantoms game.
Seeing as how they moved to Glens Falls, N.Y., I don't think it's worth the trek; it's not like I haven't seen them before.
5. Attend at least one Trenton Titans game.
Seeing as how this is now a Devils farm team (boo!), I think this one's nixed.
18. Go on a Sports Travel and Tours baseball tour (with Roger or Mark).
Summer 2009: Abandoned this one for fiscal reasons.
29. Clean out the garage.
This one is probably null and void as of August due to my move.
30. Clean out the basement.
This one is probably null and void as of August due to my move.
40. Finish the basement, or have it finished.
This one is probably null and void as of August due to my move.
42. Join the gym and go at least once a week for the duration.
2008: Joined the gym. And quit the gym. Sigh. 2009: Started playing soccer instead.
64. Finish the ghost book I've been working on.
June 2007: Abandoned this project due to personal time constraints.
70. Own a tuxedo.
I could've done this (for the wedding) in March, but opted not to.
92. Order Peking duck. A day ahead if necessary.
Once the baby comes, I'm going to try to stay vegetarian around her. I don't need the pressure of this one.

Sheesh. It was tough coming up with 101 things, especially now that I've accomplished a few of my life goals.

Wish me luck!


REAL said...

You don't want to go to the Atlanta Aquarium - go to a nice aquarium like the one in Chattanooga.

Marisa L.B. said...

Yes. You can call me "your" Marisa! :)

Lesley said...

I really like this 101 in 1001 idea so I just may have to borrow it as well.

And I agree with Real that Chattanooga's aquarium is nicer than Atlanta's. I was going to leave a comment saying that but he beat me to it.

So is 12/5/09 really 1001 days from now? Because it's also my 37th birthday or, the 37th instance of Lesleymas. And that's just too crazy to think about!

Oops, almost forgot to wish you luck. LUCK!

Freak Magnet said...

"My Marisa" - I'm all giggles and smiles for you.

And great idea with the list. I may do that, as well.

beamer said...

dude, congrats on the promotion and getting engaged. I'm still struggling to get started on my list but it looks like you're knocking out some major ones already. good job.