Friday, March 16, 2007

I hate dieting

So anyone who's kept track of the Monkey Waistline Tracker (tm) at left may have noticed...

Over the past two weeks, I lost exactly 1 pound. Last Friday was the first week my weight stayed the same. And Weight Watchers tried to reassure me this is normal and happens from time to time.

1 pound. 2 weeks.

Why the hell am I eating all these salads?

Other than my love of croutons, I mean.

Anyway, today I got on the scale (Friday's weigh-in day) and...

I gained 2 pounds.

Sheesh. And again, WW with the "don't worry, this happens" platitudes.

Well, at least I lost the holiday fat. I'm back nearly where I was at my best in recent years, after my health issues of a couple of years back.

Don't worry, I'm not quitting. After all, I paid for three months in advance.

They have WW at work, and they weigh you in and you get some money back if you make weight. (I'm doing this on my own, their plan doesn't fit my schedule.)

Anyway, a couple of years back one of my co-workers was in the program and worrying about making her weight/loss. I joked that if it meant $70 back, I'd strip down to my boxers to make weight, like a prizefighter.

That's why I'm doing this at home, alone. I may have lost 12 pounds (14 as of last week, damn it!) but I'm pretty sure there aren't many people want to see me shirtless.

Sigh. Freakin' salads.

(Insert rueful head shake here.)

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Jewels said...

Munkee, don't get discouraged! Are you exercising? If so, your weight gain could be due to muscle buildup.

Here's another platitude: Muscle weighs more than fat. And building up muscle BURNS fat! You could be heavier for a few weeks, but you'll notice a great difference in the way your clothes fit, and you'll see a difference in your body shape.

You're doing great! Keep it up!