Tuesday, September 12, 2006


From Peterson's Field Guide to Munkees:

The bullet-headed tummymunkee is native to Southeast Asia, but has thrived in the more temperate climates of the Northeastern United States.

This omnivorous munkee can often be found scavenging for food, and as a nocturnal mammal likes to spend his days sleeping and nights playing. He is noted for the seemingly contradictory traits of (relative) athleticism and a round little tummy, thought to be the result of his penchant for napping.

He is often accompanied by a smaller munkee (of the species stuffdus animalus), and it is believed their pseudosymbiotic relationship is similar to that of the remora and great white shark.

When frightened, the tummymunkee is often heard to squeak or eep, but when cornered, often growls ferociously in an attempt to frighten off his enemies. Generally, however, the tummymunkee is considered genial.

Also known for inquisitiveness, a tummymunkee can often be found investigating the mysteries of his environs. When not eating, of course.


jin said...

"likes to spend his days sleeping and nights playing"

OH! I hear that!!!

I think there is a little munkee in everyone.
(I think that might not quite sound exactly how I meant for it to.....heehee)

Ace said...

If you'd like a little munkee in you, ladies, you let me know!