Monday, September 04, 2006

How I spent my Labor Day weekend

My buddy Ed came down for the weekend and we did what we do best: Sit on our butts and relax.

We watched 11 movies in two and a half days. That's right, 11. And played some video games. And ate bad food. And actually left the house not once, but twice.

The playbill, as it were:

"The Boondock Saints"
"The Hills Have Eyes" (remake)
"Running Scared"
"V for Vendetta"
"Underworld: Evolution"

"Hollywood Homicide"
"Wolf Creek"
"High Tension"
"The Relic"

"Ghosts of Mars"

And the only reason we came up short of a dozen was I had to go to work. Not a bad weekend at all.


Stewie said...

Lucky bastard!

I was without electricity Friday/Saturday. In the car shop Sat. morning, then I spent time with family.

Sunday I worked for the site.

Monday I watched porn.

Monday was cool.

jin said...

How was "The Hills Have Eyes" (remake)?
Ok, what I really want you to tell me is if I should watch it or not? LOL! (Cos I currently have it in my queue.)

I was disappointed with the ending of "High Tension". I HATE when I LOVE a movie ALL the way thru then am disappointed with the ending. It's such a letdown! Maybe it's me,'s been happening frequently. I was also disappointed with the end of Saw 2 & The Machinist (? I think that's what it was called?).

(For a comparison I LOVED the end of Hostel! PERFECT! LOL!)

Ace said...

Hills Have Eyes is solid. Nothing too outlandish, a little shocking, a little scary, a little gory (well, more than a little), but good. Haven't seen the original (it's in my queue) so can't compare.

High Tension was a jaw-dropper the first time for me. Machinist was also kind of a "huh?" Though I was OK with Saw 2.

Hostel, yes. Have you seen Wolf Creek? I have mixed feelings. It's a slow starter (very slow) but the second half is scary and surprising as heck.

You should join HorrorTalk, Jin. Not to be a complete shill, but there's people on there just as knowledgeable (if not more) so you can get a mix of opinions (including Stewie, and a girl or two if you want that perspective).

jin said...

I agree...high tension was 'WOW''s just after I saw 'Identity' all other split personality scenarios seem to let me down. (That & I went thru some of the split personality stuff for second ex sister-in-law was a TOTAL whack job! I intend to write some of those stories on unplugged eventually! I saw her slip in & out of different 'people' so many times that I tend to see all the loose ends in the films, you know, those spots where you know it couldn't happen like it did.)

I haven't seen Wolf Creek yet. I'll have to check it out. I don't mind if a film is slow in the beginning as long as it makes up for it in the end.

I did finally check out horror talk! See, this is the problem...I went there for a peek & I stayed over an hour! Cool site! I like how the reviews are all there, alphabetized. *thumbs up*

My queue makes me look like a deranged person! LOL! I used to buy Fangoria all the time. They'd always stare at me funny when I took it to the counter (small town) I'd say it was for my nephew. Hahaha!!! It's a good thing that doesn't bother me anymore cos the last time I picked it up when i got to the counter my husband exclaimed loudly, "Jenna! That's horrible! You're not getting that are you?"

One of the coolest cakes I ever did for a kid was full of Critters & Marilyn Manson. The Mom was amazed that I knew what those were! LOL