Friday, September 29, 2006

We have a sponsor!

Come on, "Days of Thunder" fans, you know the lines... after you look like a (and I quote) "monkey f***ing a football," you get yourself a sponsor!

Well, an unofficial sponsor... that's right, my Barber Foods coupons finally arrived! So I'll be trying out some new flavors and types of their delicious chicken products very, very soon!

Now, does anybody know how to make that picture link to their Web site, that's the question...

Vacation update: For the curious, yes, I've done absolutely nothing pretty much since Mom & Dad left yesterday, except work on my reviews and sit on the couch and stare at the TV. I actually managed to do some laundry for my trip... and watch "The Mummy" not once but twice on TNT. Plus watch "The Mummy Returns" on DVD.

And, at Mookie's insistence, I've watched the better parts of "Curious George" (the ones with George, obviously) three more times.

Oh, and sometime soon, I've got a story to tell about the Yankees game and coincidence. Remind me.


Stewie said...

check your mail on the linkage question.

Lesley said...

I was going to answer your link question but it looks like Stewie already has. With the new Blogger beta, it should be very very easy to turn the pic into a link.