Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A few random things while I sulk

Well, I made it to the city and back just fine.

Then things got weird.

I got home, opened the garage door, drove in, closed the garage door, and went in and hit the lights.


No power. On the whole side of the street. For an hour.

Now, either that's some odd timing, or my garage door opener blew out the entire neighborhood.

The power came on in time for me to catch the second half of the Raiders game. And that made me wish it'd stayed off. Egah. First time shutout at home in 25 freakin' years. To the Chargers, no less. Egah.


Yeah, it was a three-egah game.

So this post was a little delayed by the power outage (it got the modem, which requires power). And that threw my train of thought. Especially when, on the phone with my folks (to get the power company's number), I got my Dad to describe some of the game to me.

He hasn't watched football since... well, probably since at least the last time the Raiders got shut out at home.

He was trying to explain one tackle - he thought - and he's like, "I don't know. Something happened. They're showing a big, black man..." ("Dad, they're ALL big, black men...") "Do they have a No. 90?" ("Yes. Terdell Sands. He's big.") "There's a guy. Look at those tattoos!" ("I can't.") "The Chargers have the ball. I think." ("If Sands is out there, yes, he plays defense.") "Something happened... It's third down... The Raiders have the ball. There's one fellow with this huge black strip on his face." ("That's a breathe-right.") "And this black cap of some kind." ("Is he No. 18? Randy Moss? He wears a thing for his hair.") "That must be him. His hair is huge!" And on it went. At least until halftime. As I said to him, next I'd like you to read me a book in Braille. Give him credit for trying. Here's a man who taught me everything I know about baseball, who can tell you about the time the Yankees sent some rookie named Mantle back to the minors. But when faced with all 380 pounds of Terdell Sands, he was lost. Hey, he's a big dude, Terdell. I've seen him up close.

Where was I?

Oh, a few observations...

First, look for my report on "Header" on HorrorTalk soon. Good flick.

Second, remember that story about the cabbie in NYC who didn't know where I was going? This cabbie more than made up for that guy. Let me put it this way: He drove so fast, and changed lanes so often, it made me ponder the existential questions in life. Like, "Is my will up to date?" and "Who do I sue if a cabbie hits a double-parked delivery truck?"

Third, I felt bad because I forgot to bring any extra business cards to the screening... until the producer realized he'd forgotten the press kit he'd promised me.

And to think, I got almost everything on my goodmunkee list done this weekend. That's excellent.

Even if I was the first person in my family to have to sit around in the dark and cold since we lived in Vietnam.


Stewie said...

No sports bars in your area?

jin said...

LMAO @ your Dad's descriptions!!!

(I can't believe how far behind I am with your posts!!! Wait, am I that far behind or are you posting more than normal?!!?)

Ace said...

I think I'm posting more than normal.

And I was waiting to see if the lights would come on. I was gone all day.