Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm famous!

Well, kind of.

I was at the NFL Draft this weekend, covering it for Raiderfans.net and I got interviewed for another sports Web site.

Check it out!
Sports Business Simulators' blog

Sports Business Simulators is pretty cool - they're based out of Oakland, so they were interested in the Raiders among other things. And they've got an XFL business simulator. I ran the trial version and did shockingly well after an initial dropoff. Certainly better than Mr. McMahon!

My Mom thought I was good. So I must've been. Yay!

That's the fourth time I've been on TV or video in my life, that I know of.

First, when I was little, I got to sign off the local evening news when they came to my summer arts program. That was neat, and neatest of all was that I got to stay up late to see!

Second, in college, when some of my fraternity brothers were on trial, I got caught on camera (and had a wee altercation with a cameraman) leaving the district magistrate's office. Not quite so cool, especially since it had to do with the (accidental) death of one of my brothers, but the altercation was fun, and there was a priceless moment later when a quasi-friend of mine remarked that I'd "walked right into her bedroom" in front of her quasi-boyfriend. (She neglected to mention it was on TV.)

Third, when I worked in Atown, one of the sports guys had a local sports-talk show on the local TV station. And my first weekend in sports, he brought me and two others from the department on. (That's how I met Steph, more or less, she was one of the others.) That was pretty cool, even if I called the national championship game wrong, I had the right idea. (It was the year Virginia Tech played Florida State, and I said the key was, Florida State had to find a way to get the ball into Peter Warrick's hands because he was a wideout, while Virginia Tech put the ball in *its* best player's hands every snap, because Mike Vick was a quarterback. So FSU killed Tech, but they found ways to get the ball to Warrick, including on a punt return for a TD, and that's why they won.)

So this makes No. 4, even if it's not quite really TV, it's still a video. That almost counts.

And for the curious, you want to know how posh Radio City Music Hall is, that's a comfortable couch, in front of an art-deco wall, in a 20x30-foot lounge... in the men's room! So when you see me trying not to crack up, somebody just flushed in the next room. Or, in one case, um, broke wind.

Very, very loudly.

It's actually a serious interview, and I shouldn't tease Zennie (the interviewer), who was a great guy. But, Zen, when I suggested the men's room lounge, I was joking!

I really did want to do it in front of the giant naked woman statue.

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Aric Blue said...

Dude...wise up. The Raiders blow.

Go Dolphins!