Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's all over but the cryin' (part deux)

Can you believe it? An news-esque update of a previous post!

Much like sad little Haley in the most recent (previous) post, Don Imus has been voted off the airwaves.

Meanwhile, somewhere Larry Birkhead is cheerfully flying below the radar screen, and somewhere, people are saying, "Astronaut in what? Who?"

And the University of Tenneessee women's basketball team is waving a hand and saying, "Hello? Over here? The national champions? We won the game? Hello?"

Life goes on.


Stewie said...

You can add Crystal Mangum to stand along side of Birkhead.

While she is not flying as low as Brikhead is, for some reason, Imus is bigger news.

Sad, really.

Aric Blue said...

If I have to hear about mutherfukkin Imus one more time...

Jesus, why is that news?

Lesley said...

and somewhere, people are saying, "Astronaut in what? Who?"

I am still bitter as hell that the astronaut story got swept away by all the Anna Nicole news. How could a dead bimbo be more interesting than a diaper-wearing astronaut? HOW?

jin said...