Wednesday, November 08, 2006

State of confusion

As the world awaits the decision on the senator from Virginia, with Democratic challenger Jim Webb leading incumbent Republican George Allen by the slimmest of vote margins, I find myself somewhat torn.

Not so much because Allen is the brother of former Raiders senior assistant and de facto general manager Bruce Allen (who clearly got the brains in the family), but because during his campaign, Allen brought a lot of attention to monkeys.

That's a definite plus.

On the other hand, he misused the monkeys.

And frankly, misuse of monkeys is an offense I deem punishable by defeat, if not worse.


Dan said...

As punishment, I think a barrel of monkies should abuse and misuse George Allen.

And it should be on Pay-per-View. What do you think? Should we do this? Huh? ;)

Aric Blue said...

Ball of Confusion, that's what the world is today, hey hey.

Love and Rockets, like twenty years ago. Good to see it hasn't changed.

jin said...

Ace loves Munkees...
this is safe to say, correct? I have scoured the internet for DAYS just to find these things for YOU! ;-)

lovely munkee pic

An entire munkee blog, with a munkee video HERE

Outakes from the above video

Happy Monday Ace! :-)

Ace said...


Real said...

Hey, no word in some time. I hope the novel is going well.