Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day!

Tomorrow's Election Day.

For crying out loud, get out there and vote. Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, a Bush basher or staunch supporter, this is a day thought could alter the course of America for the next two years.

Republican? You've got a majority in both houses of Congress to protect, a majority that can and will back the president's policies and decisions.

Democrat? You've got a shot at winning majorities in both houses of Congress, a majority that could check the power the president has been happy to take advantage of.

Whatever you think of the war, whatever you think of "spreading democracy," let's remember that here, in America, we have a power in the political process unlike in almost any country in the world.

We have rights that people have died to create, have died to defend. We have a right and privilege among the greatest in the world. A choice in our representation in government.

So, stand up and be counted. Vote.


jin said...

Alright! ALRIGHT!
I'm going!

lol...I usually do anyway.

I HATE the smell of the place I have to go. :-P

Yes, that's right the smell.

I'm in the old folks home voting district. :-P Like, not classy expensive old folks home...I mean pee on the floor moaning roaming people in wheelchairs old folks home. *jin shudders*

No, I'm not an insensitive bitch! I feel bad for them, however, they HIT ON ME!**
I'm always like:
"Dude, I AM NOT going back to your room!"
"NO, I don't want a ride on your lap, even if it is a motorized wheelchair!"


**Disclaimer: jin may have slightly embellished this tale for entertainment purposes.
Kids, don't try this at home!

Stewie said...

I voted!

I have a sticker to prove it.

However, it really, really bothers me that they don't ask for my ID when I get in there and vote.

jin said...

K. I voted too.
Didn't ask for my ID either but I was soooo glad cos I couldn't find my registration card & I never changed to my married name so my liscense wouldn't have matched!
:-S (Although I can certainly see where that can be a problem.)

Anyhooo...saw you mentioned the 3 column & I just happened to see 2 diff. 3 column templates while I was searching that match your current layout. If you want to check them out go HERE, they are in the Left-Hand column, scroll all the way down, they are the 2 last ones. This guys templates DO work too, cos I installed a few to try them...just wasn't what I personally wanted.