Wednesday, November 15, 2006

By way of compensation...

By way of compensation for my lack of blogging, I'm sending you off to check out another blog.

This is Jewels, who leaves comments on Jin's site. She makes jewelry out of beads and sells it at Le Beadoir in Canada.

She, like Jin, has a sort of "unplugged" site, too.

So after reading her comments for like years on Jin's page, I finally wandered over to see what the fuss was about. And I was pretty impressed.

I don't know that I'd wear bead necklaces and bracelets (and my earring hole grew in years ago), because a) I'm a boy; and b) big jewelry only looks excellent on certain people, of which I'm not one.

But, like any good munkee, I'm attracted to shiny, pretty, colorful things. And so I wound up paging through most of Le Beadoir and the blogs, looking for something to buy my Mom for Christmas/Hanukkah/Munkeemas. (Because she'd look much nicer in a pretty beaded necklace than I would. I have a 19.5" neck.)

Because Jewels' stuff is definitely shiny and pretty and colorful. It's even in a book, so it must be excellent:

As Joe Bob might have said, if he were into beads instead of horror movies, check it out!


jin said...

COOL COOL post!!!
You even got her book up there in an Amazon window!!!

Does she know you wrote this?!
(She will now...I'm gonna tell her! :-)

Jewels & I were just talking about you on the phone the other day! Heehee...don't worry, ALL good stuff!!!
Funny...I said, "You know ace?"
She says, "Oh, yeah...munkee!"
Then we both giggled.
Ok, guess you had to be there!

jin said...

Just me again...I finally posted on unplugged, you'll be disappointed, it's a funny story! ;-) Heehee!

BTW...just measured my neck out of curiosity as I've never ever thought about neck size in That must be a guy thing? Mine's 13 inches.

Jewels said...

Wow, you're an Ace Munkee! I wasn't expecting a 'plug', ;), thanks!!!

And I'd be so happy to make something special for Mummy Munkee!!!! Thank you, I'm honored!


(I've been trying to comment ALL day, but blogger was being a @#%$wad...)

Ace said...

Yay! Hanukkah beads for Munkee Mommy!

Stewie said...

Yeah, I just measured out of "curiosity", too and I wear an 8" c-ring.

Since Jin is dropping hints for you to buy her a necklace, I expect a c-ring.

I've known you longer.

Jewels said...

Um, I'm not sure about 'C' rings... Okay, I'll make one, but NO REPAIRS!!!! ;) So you better take good care of it, LOLOL!

jin said...

Stewie: Oh, yessss...I regularly run around to all my blogging friends & drop 'hints' for gifts! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

Methinks you may need more molasses cookies...
Loosen up dude!

Stewie said...


Sorry. I just call it like I see it.

Ace said...

Send more cookies!