Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A fleeting moment of brilliance

In a discussion of boating at work today, I thought of the perfect name for a boat.

I've often said I'll know I've made it when I can afford a boat. I was told boats aren't nearly as expensive as I imagine them to be.

So, someday, when I own a boat, I know what I'm going to name it.

"Oh shit! Bail! Bail!" was option No. 1. I think that would look good in that gold cursive writing.

But instead, my boat-to-be shall be called:

"The Chief Brody."

For those scratching their heads, mystified: Chief Brody was the Roy Scheider character in "Jaws," and his most famous line is, upon seeing the shark for the first time, "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

The official home of "Jaws"
The 59th-scariest movie scene

And I'm still waiting for "Jaws Unleashed" for my PS2.


Freak Magnet said...

Making up for lost time with all the posts, I see.

And don't let whoever told you about boats mislead you - they're expensive as hell. Buying the BOAT is only half the cost...

Aric Blue said...

Anyone who doesn't know who Chief Brody is should be shot.

But I was slacking. Another piece of useless trivia--you know how tv shows have little company logos at the end(like the "Bad Robot" one at the end of Alias, etc?)

The one at the end of "House" shows a cartoon character looking at a guy and he says "That's some bad hat, Harry."

I never realized until I rewatched Jaws this year that it was from that movie.

Ace said...

Oddly enough, I was telling someone else about my idea, and they said the same thing about that logo.

That's Bryan Singer's outfit, isn't it?