Wednesday, July 13, 2005

X-Man 3, as it were

So I e-mailed X-Man out at the Sporting News, and we've corresponded briefly the past couple of days. (He was on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" this morning, for those of you who watch.) Small, small world.

Anyway, in the line of weirdness in journalism, how's this:

In the year-plus I worked in Easton ('96-'97), all of these people had sports connections, and NOT ONE worked in sports:

• Mark LaRose, the copy chief, had been a boxing writer who covered Larry Holmes, the "Easton Assassin," and former heavyweight champion.
• X-Man, a municipal reporter, has gone on the Sporting News, as this saga attests.
• Michael P. Buffer, another municipal reporter, is the son of the ring announcer of similar name ("Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble!")
• Mike Miller, a third municipal reporter, looked somewhat like a shorter version of the baby-faced NBA gunner of the same name.
• And I, of course, have gone on to write about and cover the Raiders for

Larry Holmes' Web site
X-Man's NASCAR column
Michael Buffer, the world-famous ring announcer
Mike Miller, of the Memphis Grizzlies
And, of course,

Of the entire list, I think only Buff still works at the Express-Times. Good guys, good journalists, every one of 'em. We had a good crew going for a while, that's for sure.