Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just when you thought it was safe...

... To wrap up a post on strange stuff, this happens:

I went to Barnes & Noble tonight after work to pick up a magazine.

So I'm standing in line, waiting to check out, and they've got a bunch of audio books on a rack at the counter.

You know, books on CD. It's a concept I've never warmed up to, despite my love of reading and my 50-minute-each-way commute. I just like actually reading my books, instead of listening to them. Besides, the kind of fiction I like, I might wreck my car if something shocking happened. The authors I favor tend to be jaw-droppers.

That's not the odd part. The odd part is, one of the packages has a blurb:

"A real page-turner!"

D'oh! Now THAT is a forehead-smacker.

Barnes & Noble online
Athlon Sports, whose college football mag I bought

I might point out that my hockey jones is on the verge of being satisfied: The NHL is back! And it's about freakin' time. Don't know how the players will be able to sit on the bench bleeding from the rectum, though. Nice job on the negotiations, guys. You lost a season and still got nailed with a salary cap.

At least Sidney Crosby ended up going to my favorite team. Er, second-favorite team. Sorry, Dave, I meant second-favorite, I really did. And Dave's, er, MY favorite team signed its two top prospects today, too.

Let the games begin!