Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lady Di(e) "postscript"

Yeah, OK, so out of sheer geekiness, I did a Google search for X-Man, who I haven't spoken to since we scattered to the four winds. Figured his byline would turn up and I'd see what he's up to. Turns out I see his name almost every week, in my Sporting News subscription.

Check this out.

When you read it, take note of the following:

• The article described him as, and I quote, "not liking his job in Easton." Guess we weren't good company?

• The mention of his wife, Emily. He did, indeed, take one of the girls with him to Michigan (and beyond). Good for them.

• The TSN cover photo doesn't look the way I remember him at all. Of course, it's been almost 10 years. Zoinks.

• If you think I did OK for myself post-Easton, yeah, he did even better. Somebody in the article said they wouldn't be surprised if he's the editor of TSN someday, despite no experience going in. I trained in sports for about five years, and my only stint on a sports desk lasted nine months. (Was a good nine months for my sex life, not so good for my sanity, but that's not the point.)

• Though the above point might sound a touch bitter, it's not. Not only do I think it's aces cool (i've thought it funny for a while that TSN had an editor with the same name as my old drinking buddy. never even considered it was the same guy - as mentioned, he was never a sports guy. d'oh!) that he's kicking ass and taking names at a way cool job, I'm just super-happy this blog led to my random Googleness. He really was a good friend, at least for that year or so we hung together. Nice to see he's doing well.

Really is a small world in journalism. And a weird one, too. Wait 'til I tell Pat.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, I rigged the time on the posts so this one would come second. It made no sense if it were first. I really wrote it at 3:14:00 a.m.]