Thursday, April 14, 2005

Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Next Weekend.

As I write this blog, I'm merely delaying doing some things I should have done weeks ago.

Now, I've got a perfect excuse: The movie I keep mentioning in the fervent hope that my lack of subtlety will encourage you to buy one when it comes out.

On the other hand, I've always got a perfect excuse.

You see, in addition to my many other accolades, I am a Founding Father of the Procrasti Nation.

I'm always late. I'm forgetful. And I work in a deadline profession, which merely exacerbates my tendency to put things off until the last possible minute.

Someone with a better background in psychology than mine (my background in psychology consists of taking psychological tests for money in college and knowing a bartender who's study psychology at Rutgers) once asked if I felt like I had avoidance issues.

I don't. I'm late to things I enjoy just as often as I'm late to things I don't. I'm late to work, an everyday job, just as often as I'm late to one-shot meetings.

Some of it's bad karma: I once missed a day of work because my car broke down and Triple A never showed. Well, maybe bad "carma" would be a more appropriate excuse.

Sometimes I just doze off. I'll be sitting at home, watching TV, thinking, "Ooh, I should leave in fifteen minutes," and an hour later I'm blinking and sneezing and wondering what the hell happened.

And one of the hazards of working at night is I sleep late, and consequently try to schedule appointments at the perfect time to give me enough sleep and still get me to work on time. Then, inevitably, either A) I oversleep, making me late for the appointment; or B) the appointment runs long, making me late for work. Or as sometimes happens, C) both.

I'll try anything - when in a hotel on the road, I'll get two wake-up calls, 15 minutes apart. I set two alarms at home if I have to get up early. I've had people call me specifically to wake me up.

And yes, I sleep like a rock, that doesn't help in the "sleep through your alarm" department.

Another problem is that I try to cram so much stuff into a day, it takes too long, either keeping me up too late at night (like this blog) or running too close to the time I have to leave for work in the afternoon. Another thing is that, like everyone else, every once in a while, I need a day where I just don't do anything, whether than means going straight to bed after work (because I'm exhausted) or just sitting around watching TV (because my brain's too fried to think).

So I save a lot of errands and other tasks for weekends. And I've spent almost every weekend this year traveling to Maryland.

And oddly enough, despite having to get up at a godawfully early hour most of the time, I was hardly ever late. Go figure.

Nonetheless, that means I'm behind on everything else.

And that means it's time to get to work.

The CMU psychology department
The Rutgers psychology department

(Insert witty comment here.)