Tuesday, April 26, 2005

If Nothing Else, I'm Stubborn

I was re-reading some of my old posts (I check my blog whenever I post to make sure it turned out OK) and I spotted a couple of typos.

Ugly, awkward typos.

And damn it, I want to fix them!

But I'm not. I promised you guys raw, uncensored, no-looking-back-cause-something-might-be-gaining-on-you stream-of-consciousness, and that's what you're getting.

But down below, I meant, "that's a whole 'NOTHER story."

And that link was to "DISCOVERY HD Theatre." And my favorite bartender "is STUDYING psychology."

I'll be strong. Grr. I'm trying.

You know: "My name is Eric, and I'm a copy editor."

The kind of stuff copy editors have to pretend to care about
The kind of stuff that makes copy editors laugh

Yup, another two-post day! I'm trying to make up for last week.