Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm noticing a trend. (Curt shilling!)

So my buddy Stewie has a blog, which I've mentioned.

And I started my blog partly because of his inspiration.

We know each other because we both write DVD reviews for a site called HorrorTalk, and we've become great friends as a result. (We also have our own site, DonkeyHat.)

Anyway, a bunch of other people on HorrorTalk recently started their own blogs.

So either Stewie's a trendsetter, which is frightening if you've ever seen his shirts, or an inspiration, which is frightening if you've ever talked about serious subjects with him. He's one of those mad genius types.

But since I'm in the habit of pimping out my friends' work, this post is all about how Stewie got what seems like most of HorrorTalk blogging.

I haven't seen a random fad sweep through a group this quickly since about half my fraternity brothers (and their girlfriends) were playing Magic: The Gathering back in the mid '90s. If you're wondering, I was arguably the second-best player (after another mad genius, my buddy Eric Siegel) and probably about the second-worst deck builder. My then-fiancee was actually a stunningly good player for someone who a) was so totally NOT the M:TG-playing type and b) built her deck entirely around her holier-than-thou personality - and admitted it!

OK, so this post ended up being MOSTLY about the HorrorTalk blogging trend. If you didn't think I just sort of meander off course from time to time, you haven't been keeping up.

Stewie's "Incoherent Thoughts" (the one that started it all)
Freak Magnet's "Everybody Else Is Doing It, Why Can't I?"
Renaldo's "Ron's Modern Life"
Krystal Lake's "Nothing Important"
Magic: The Gathering
Pi Lambda Phi fraternity
Curt Schilling (get it?)

By the way, I take absolutely no responsibility for anything any of those guys say on their blogs. And I'm not just saying that because Stewie's latest post is about how glad he is the Pope is dead.


fnordboy said...

I see how it is. Just forget your fellow Jerseyite.

In a way Stewie was the reason I started a blog. His was the first blog I really started reading and actually found entertaining. When I was trying to help him with some of the coding I opened an account just to see if I could do what he needed and decided what the hell. I need the practice in writing since I am reopening

Did that work in the nature of the post? ;)

Stewie said...

I'm still laughing at the last line where you distance yourself from me.


Fnord, your help was invaluable. Thanks again.

Ace said...

Post your blog link, Fnord!

fnordboy said...

click on the username and it lists my blog...