Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big (Month) of Blogs, Part 4: 33 years of... me! Part 1: The 1970s

OK, here's the deal...

I started this post on Feb. 12, my 33rd birthday! And realized quite quickly it was going to take a heck of a lot more effort than I intended.

Thus, more than a month later, I'm finishing up.


See, back then, I was trying to think of something exciting to post. Maybe about Marisa's exciting stadium bundt cake. Except she already did. Or about my cool gift, a "20 Questions" game of my very own. Except I already did (back when I was still hoping).

So I pondered a while that morning.

Then I went back to sleep.

Then I woke up. Because I had an idea.

Then I went back to sleep.

Then, when I woke up again, I had to think of everything I wanted to write - and write it.

So like I said, this took a little while to put together. My apologies. Meanwhile...

Think of it as... a year in review, except a whole 33 of them!

It was that, or try to recap the pilot of the remake of "Battlestar Galactica," dubbed "33."

So, without further ado, here goes my "33 for 33," not to be confused with my "101 in 1,001" list.

OK, a little ado, by way of real explanation, now that I think about it: I've taken every year I've been alive, and I'm just going to list a couple of little nuggets of information, mostly either tied in to my life, or major events with a little bit of my world view. Or whatever strikes my fancy, really.

And one more addendum: I'm splitting this one up. For crying out loud, it's turning out to be huge. So here's Part 1 of Part 4 of the big blog month:

The 1970s

Feb.-April: I was born. I was taken from Vietnam. I was adopted. Yay!

July 4: I was a baby, so I probably slept through the Bicentennial.

Jan. 9: The Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XI. I missed this.
My Mom probably knows when: I took my first steps... at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Years later, I'd lose a couple of hundred bucks there in my only other visit.

My Mom could probably tell you: But I seem to have spent most of this year much like my birthday morning: Sleeping. In other words, I missed this, too.

Preschool: I became a U.S. citizen. I remember this quite fondly. There was a courtroom, and I wore my favorite sweater and one of those macaroni necklaces little kids make. My preschool threw a huge party for me, the highlight of which was a long banner on this big piece of brown paper that stretched the whole length of the room. (Disclaimer: I suppose this might have been 1980, but I know it was preschool, and I think I was 4.)

On to Part 2!