Sunday, March 02, 2008

Big Day of Blogs, Part 2: I've been tagged!

While I was pondering when I'd have time to write the three blog posts I owe you...

Jin tagged me.

Darn it. Now it's four. Well, this'll be two down, two to go!

7 freakish things about moi

1. I'm fascinated by biology, and not really in a good, Punnett square kind of way, though I love me those, too. For instance, I walk Norton, the dog, every day. And he poops. Which is kind of the point. But I'm thoroughly fascinated by the size, color, quantity and quality of same. (Not in a sexual way or anything. Eww.) I've always longed to visit the Mutter Museum of biological oddities. I can't pass up a good story on two-headed kittens, especially if there are photos. I frequent Awful Plastic Surgery and so on.

2. Which sort of brings me to my next point. Despite my manly-man interests, such as sports and boobs, and my more intellectual pastimes, such as reading and writing... I love me some celebrity gossip. Supermarket tabloid headlines, nip-slip Web sites, whatever. Back when I was working on "Dead Hunt," I used to crash at Stewie and Freak's place, and in the bathroom, they'd have two kinds of mags: Stewie's horror mags and Freak's Us Weekly. Guess which one I'd read on the throne? Yeah. One day, Freak says to me, "You know, I was wondering why I'd pick up my magazine and it would be on a different page. I couldn't imagine it was Stewie." Yeah, erm.

3. I don't blow my nose. (See Part 1 for the results of that.) I get very frequent nosebleeds sometimes, and blowing my nose makes it bleed with near 100% frequency. I don't floss, either. Same thing, except it makes my gums bleed. (Because it would be weird if flossing made my nose bleed.) Don't get me wrong. I try to maintain good hygiene and all that - brushing daily, showering, stuff like that. But if you've ever woken up literally in a pool of blood on your pillow, as I have more than once, you do what you can to avoid stuff like that.

4. I have almost no body hair. I guess it's an Asian thing. But I've been trying to grow a decent beard/mustache/goatee for most of my life, with absolutely no success. I've got friends who have more five o'clock shadow by five o'clock than I have if I don't shave for a week. No arm hair. A little sparse leg hair. About four chest hairs. (Yeah, hair in the usual three spots. I mean, come on. I have eyebrows, too.) I have less arm hair than most girls I know, for crying out loud. And I've got friends with more hair on their back than I've got on my entire torso, armpits included.

(Editor's Note: This is the exact spot where I've realized, I'm just not that much of a freak. So expect the rest of my list to get progressively lamer.)

5. I like to do laundry. Marisa will tell you I don't do it nearly enough. But I do enjoy it. I don't iron mind you. But I wash. I dry. I fold.
Again, maybe an Asian thing. Plus, who doesn't like the smell of clothes dryer steam?

6. Speaking of clothes, for a guy who'd never, ever be mistaken for a fashion plate, I have a mild fascination with doll clothes. I've bought several outfits for Mookie. I've bought a variety of uniforms for my G.I. Joe soldiers. And I've always had this vague jealousy of girls, because Barbie just has so much stuff.

7. Speaking of girls... Finally, many of my Dungeons & Dragons characters and protagonists in my writing are female. I don't know why. It's not like, as most of my friends, ex-es, etc. will tell you, I know much about girls. It's not a fantasy or a mental thing, like I'm a woman trapped in a man's body. (At least, I don't think so. And if I am, I really am a male lesbian, because I like girls - and not guys - that way, if you know what I mean.) But anyway, that's just how it is. Maybe it's some kind of way of ramping up the whole "role-playing" aspect or some quirk in my imagination. I don't know. Maybe it's just, like the biological oddities thing, fascination with something I know nothing about.

There, that's seven freakish(-ish) things about me. I hope you feel enlightened, and not, as I do, squicky.

Listen up! 7 peeps that must do this are:
Yeah, you know what, I'm not tagging anybody, because half my usually "tag-ees" won't do it, and as for M, well, I'm not sure I want to know...

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jin said...

That was fast!
I feel so enlightened!
(...and not quite as jinbarrassed about my list! ;-)