Monday, January 21, 2008

Two unrelated discoveries

No, I'm not talking about the Strait of Magellan and the polio vaccine.

I'm talking about two things I discovered, or rather, found out recently.

First off, "Supernatural" kicks ass. I point this out despite the fact that, before about two months ago, I'd never seen it, barely heard of it, and if you told me it was on "the CW" network, I'd have thought, "Hey, didn't that Country & Western network become Spike TV?

But I managed to land both the firstand secondseasons on DVD, and I just ate 'em up. Even if the TWOP recaps are only so-so and not awesome.

Either way, if you like, um, supernatural stuff (read: horror) and some humor, or you like watching a couple of hunky teen-beat types (I'd heard of Jared Padalecki because I'd seen him in the remakes of "House of Wax" and "Flight of the Phoenix", but I'd never heard of Jensen Ackles - who for my money is the better actor - because, despite the fact that he'd been in just about every TV show ever aimed at teen girls, I've never watched any of them)...

You'll dig this show.

Monsters. Gore. Jokes. Fun!

The second discovery is thanks to Marisa, who when I said something about taking my sweaters to the dry cleaners the other day, said, "You know, you can wash some sweaters?"

Turns out I can! And to think, I've always dry-cleaned every one. At like $5 a pop. Turns out I only have to take in about half. D'oh!

Oh, a third random discovery: Dogs who are coneheads really have no concept of the fact that they're suddenly much, much wider. This leads to both comedy and awkwardness, as you suddenly fear for everything in their immediate vicinity. Because it's in danger of getting knocked over.

I'm on a semi-mandatory three-day weekend for the MLK holiday. It's nice and relaxing, but I have a few things to do. And, oddly enough, my public-school teacher fiancee had to work.



Stewie said...

You didn't know you could was some sweaters? Did you have a nanny growing up? Were you and supr separated at birth? :p

Ace said...

My mother did my laundry when I was a kid. Then at college, my gf wouldn't let me do it - and she shrunk all my sweaters so they'd fit her better.

Naturally, I assumed you couldn't actually wash them without shrinking them to girl-size.

:P back atcha!