Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Doggie in a Box" update

"Doggie in a box" is what I call Norton when I have to crate him. (No, that's not him. That's a product shot.)

Because he got his new crate from Kennel Vet yesterday, and today was his first day in it.

Miraculously, he appears to have been completely fine when Marisa got home.

The funny thing was, I got really, really nervous for her to hurry home - she had some errands to run between school and home. I mean, really anxious.

And I'm normally the calm, "don't worry, he'll be fine" one of the two of us.

I guess it was my guilt over everything - I should've replaced the crate when he really started mangling it, before he hurt himself - bubbling up. I just wanted him to be fine so badly.

I hope it's the beginning of a better stretch for him. M even said he smiled at her tonight. And she worries sometimes that he's lost his smile.

Sadly, I know what she means.

(Sadly in the sense that a) he's lost his smile; and b) I'm talking about a dog here.)

So hey, big gold crate, working for now. Cross your fingers for us.