Monday, September 24, 2007

Buy my movie!

That's right!

At long last, "Dead Hunt," the slasher-thriller I wrote back in 2004-05, has arrived!

So click on over to CreateSpace and pick up a copy of Timewarp Films' latest release today!

Hit the title above to go straight to it and get the two-disc set for only $20. A bargain at twice the price, I tell you. Or click on over to the "Dead Hunt" or Timewarp MySpace pages for more information.

And don't forget to hit the links at the top of the page to read the first review (from HorrorTalk) and see the trailer.

You won't be disappointed, I promise. My horror-reviewing friends like it. I like it. Even my mother likes it!

Look for it soon at and elsewhere, too.

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Stewie said...

Pure awesomeness.