Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A rare, random follow-up post

Marisa and I were sort of randomly talking this weekend about stuff, and I remembered a post I wrote a long time ago (well, relatively speaking) about the five things I was looking for in a partner.

After some blog-searching, I found it.

This one right here.

Anyway, I turned out to be eight things. So while we were laughing about it, I thought I'd run down the list right here. A sort of update.

It started out as a survey (I got tagged by Freak). So what'd I write?

1. She should be able to put up with me.
Check. I knew she was a keeper when she bought into the whole monkey thing.

2. She should be attractive to me.
Check. Beautiful. And yet delightfully not perfect. But perfect to, and for, me.

3. We should have shared interests.
Check. Ish. We like some of the same things, and are often interested in the other things the other likes. See No. 5 below.

4. We should be able to communicate and/or compromise.
Check. Despite the fact that, well, she can be stubborn as a mule. And y'all know me. But we do love talking with each other.

5. She should be able to teach me things.
Check. Vegetarian cooking, traveling to interesting places and much more.

6. She must, must, must must, must be faithful.
Check. This is probably even more important to her than to me.

7. She must not have a father who hates me or potentially could hate me.
Check. So far, so good. He's a really nice guy. Keep your fingers crossed.

8. She should be independent.
Check. I've got to get used to the twentysomething love of the text message and cell phone, but otherwise, all's good. I need to be alone to do something, she leaves me alone. And vice versa.

Oh, and 9. She should be able to drive.
Check. She likes driving even more than me.

And you want to hear the oddest thing?

I answered that survey Feb. 6, 2006. Almost exactly a year to the day we went on our first date (Feb. 3, 2007). Isn't that bizarre?

1 Comment:

Jewels said...

No, not bizarre at all! More like this is what you projected, and this is what you got.
You're a lucky, lucky Munkee. Good on ya!