Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What I write when I'm not here

I had an idea... until DonkeyHat.com, my "official site" I share with Stewie is officially open, and while my own "unofficial" Web site is so lame, I thought I'd post a link here whenever I write something that isn't just this blog.

Basically, I freelance (and I do mean FREE) for two Web sites: HorrorTalk.com and Raiderfans.net. HorrorTalk is a horror DVD review site and forum, and RFN is basically the world's largest unofficial Oakland Raiders forum and media site.

I'm a reviewer for HT, and one of the various forum moderators, and I'm a columnist and beat writer for RFN, as well as the self-appointed keeper of the unofficial RFN roster, which in my humble opinion is the most thorough Raiders roster available on the Internet.

I figured I'd start with a nice index of my various RFN columns and HT reviews, and then simply announce new ones here. Both my bosses will tell you I don't write as much as I should, so I won't be cluttering up the ol' blog! Hah!

(And hey, I'm a completist, so you're getting everything!)

So here you go, almost four years of horror DVD reviews and almost three years of Raider football ramblings that I call "After Further Review."

And yes, I'm listing these from most recent to oldest.

The latest column:
In Defense of Rob Ryan (1/8/06)
And the latest review:
"Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain" (1/6/06)

Now, from Raiderfans.net:
Cheers, Boos and Some Head-Scratching (1/1/06)
Live from the Meadowlands, covering the Jets game (12/11/05) (With sidebars: A notebook and pregame story)
The Raiders' Catch-22 (12/5/05)
Countdown to Buffalo (10/21/05)
Live from Oakland, covering the home opener (9/18/05) (With sidebars: A notebook and pregame story)
Live from Foxboro, covering the season opener (9/8/05) (With sidebars: A notebook and pregame story)
The Numbers Game (8/24/05)
The Rookies' Measuring Stick (8/1/05)
End to End (7/27/05)
The Prodigal Son Returns (7/18/05)
A Class That Has Legs (5/20/05)
An Appreciation (8/10/04)
• 2005 NFL Draft coverage (4/22-26/05):
An advance: Movin' on Up
A preview: Live from New York, it's Saturday Afternoon
The Randy Moss trade: What Might Have Been
The first-round pick: Raiders Trade Up for Washington
The second-round pick: Raiders in a Second-Round Routt
The third-round picks: The Third Round's a Charm
A first-day notebook: Day One Draft Notebook
The first sixth-round pick: A Risk in the Sixth - and not Clarett
Two more sixth-round picks: At Last, a Pass-rusher
A second-day notebook: Day 2 Draft Notebook (4/24/05)
And a wrapup: Defense First... and Second... and... (4/26/05)
Six is the Unluckiest Number (1/23/05)
There's No "I" in Team, but There Are Two in Phillip (1/5/05)
Two Steps Backward, One Step Fore (12/28/04)
The Sweetest Victory (12/1/04)
Live from Indy, covering the Raiders at the Colts (10/10/04) (With sidebar: A notebook)
The Forgotten Man and More (9/26/04)
Making the Right Choice (9/26/04)
The Quick Strike (9/12/04)
(Defensive) Backfield in Motion (9/1/04)
Who's on First? (6/27/04)
The Ties that Bind (6/20/04)
From Five to Nine (5/13/04)
The Apple of My Eye (5/3/04)
The Uniform of my Heroes (4/23/04)
The Case for a Wide Receiver (4/18/04)
Rush, Rush (4/5/04)
Turnover (3/9/04)
A Minor Dilemma (2/9/04)
A Decade of Dreams, Part 1 and Part 2 (2/2/04)
The Golden Boy (1/11/04)
2003 - A Year that History Can Have (1/6/04)
For Love of the Game (11/27/03)
Kill Bill, Vol. 1 (11/7/03)
Headaches and Heartaches (10/14/03)
Youth Must Be Served (10/1/03)
Hope Springs Eternal (5/27/03)

And from HorrorTalk.com: (Warning: Many of these reviews contain screenshots, and many of the screenshots contain boobies!)
"Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre" (12/11/05)
"Biohazardous" (11/20/05)
"Sacred Flesh" (11/20/05)
"Recon 2020: The Caprini Massacre" (11/10/05)
"John Johnson's Shadowhunters" (9/20/05)
"Midnight Skater" (8/17/05)
"Invitation" (8/14/05)
"Samhain" (8/14/05)
"The Screaming Dead" (12/30/04)
"City of Lost Children" (10/8/04)
"$la$her$" (9/5/04)
"The Lost Boys" (9/4/04)
"Entrails of a Virgin" (8/27/04)
"Underworld" (7/30/04)
"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (2003) (7/9/04)
"Versus" (6/4/04)
"The Tenement" (5/19/04)
"Vampire Sisters" (with Stewie, 3/22/04)
"Fear of the Dark" (3/5/04)
"Flesh for the Beast" (1/5/04)
"Resident Evil" (11/9/03)
"Stacy" (10/26/03)
"The Relic" (8/31/03)
"Nikos the Impaler" (8/31/03)
"Harvesters" (4/4/03)
"Lord of Illusions" (12/22/02)
"Lifeforce" (8/10/02)
"Dark City" (7/26/02)
"Pitch Black" (5/5/02)
"John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars" (4/6/02)

Still reading? If you got this far, well, that rocks! (Sorry, no prizes, except some fine football and movie writing...)


Stewie said...

One day we will get DonkeyHat off the ground, and other review sites will note that day as the day the revolution started!

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Darn right!