Saturday, December 31, 2005

Let's try this again

Yeah, I know, that was fast.

But in the spirit of a friend of mine, who threw her first "New Year's Do-Over" party after an early-January night when she wrecked her car and her husband wrecked HIS coming to rescue her - I get a permanent invite because I rescued them both - I'm going to write my Happy New Year post over.

Yes, I'm feeling a little better.

Yes, I'm still busy, stressed out and going through some personal stuff I JUST DON'T NEED right now.

Yes, the Raiders sucked this year. Again.

And yes, I'm still moody.

But that doesn't excuse being an asshole, and I was an asshole before.

So first, a public apology to Stewie, who ought to be used to me by now. If you've followed the comment-related sniping of an earlier post, you'll understand why.

And now, for the excuses for being an asshole.

Look, this isn't a great time for me. I hate the holidays. I'm overworked. I don't have much time, and I have a dark cloud hanging over my head.

And it hurts to think I have almost no time, go out of my way to try and take time to post to my little blog (you ever read the times on some of these posts?) and then be accused - even in jest - of not putting in enough time. I'm frustrated enough in life, and not just sexually.

So I'm sorry, Stewie. Mea culpa. (Or as they say somewhere, "my bad.") I hope someday soon, I can laugh with relief and explain to you and everyone else why I'm being so bitchy lately. It's a lot on my mind, and I just can't share it right now.

That said, for the rest of you, please understand: I don't have a lot of time to post here, or do much of anything else. And I'm struggling with a lot of stuff right now. So yes, keeping this up is even more pressure, and demands sometimes that I neglect even more things to do this. 2005 was a good year (yay!) but the ending has been rough on me (blame the job and the personal stuff). And I really do want to start 2006 fresh.

It's just tough to do right now. Maybe, like Mary, I should declare a do-over at the end of January and start the new year over. Maybe I will. A lot depends on what happens between now and then.

I enjoy doing this blog, mostly. It amuses me and I hope it amuses you.

I just need to relax, take a little break and hopefully deal with some stuff. So be warned - my remarks of before still stand... I don't know how much I'll be posting in the near term.

But when I thought about it a little bit, really, how is that different from normal?

So Happy New Year, everyone! Again.

I promise, I'll try to put the emphasis on "happy." But it'll probably just be on "year."

Reasons for moodiness, including depression (which I have) and PMS (which I don't)
Stewie's blog, like I don't give him enough free plugs - but I figure I owe him one
Yes, Wikipedia has an entry for "asshole"; no, it doesn't have my picture on it

Oh, and if you're wondering what caused the whole flap with Stewie, and you're too lazy to read the comments on the earlier post, he was complaining (in jest, or so he says) that I don't reply to comments people leave. I read them all. I ponder them all. (Well, not the spam.) I just only reply when I have something to say, something that (ideally) adds to the discussion at hand. So if you're reading, thanks. If you're commenting, thanks. I mean it. And if I'm not responding, no, I'm not ignoring you. I just figure I write enough random stuff here and I don't want to bore you with more.

After all, the expression is "discuss amongst YOURSELVES."


Lesley said...

Sorry to hear about the dark cloud. I know I'm just a semi-anonymous blogging pal, but just the same, I'm sorry to hear it. I could just as easily be the patron saint of depression, so I can empathize.

Let me know if you have a New Year's Do-Over party. I'll bring the Magic Hat 9. I found it today ON SALE (YEAH!) so I bought a whole bunch.

And again, happy new year.

Stewie said...

Cheese and Rice! How many times do I have to wish you a Happy New Year!

No apology necessary.

As I told Yoko, I had a feeling some shit was going on that didn't necessary pertain to what I wrote. I just added to it.

And being the stubborn son of a bitch that I am, I added wood.

Believe me, if I knew that you indeed have some shit, I wouldn't have fed the fire.

You have my apologies, and get threw it, brother.

*hugs Ace*

*and grabs his ass, too*


Ace said...

You hugged me... with wood?

Wow. It will be a happy new year!