Thursday, December 15, 2005

I don't know what this says about me...

I think my latest dented rim, which I've been driving around on for months, has finally given up the ghost.

So I've got a flat tire and I might be out yet ANOTHER couple hundred dollars. (Still waiting on that class-action settlement, but claim submission is over.)

You know what, I really don't care. Debt is something my estate will have to deal with when I'm dead. As long as the housing bubble doesn't burst, I'm still in the black, overall.

But we had two potlucks at the office today and on the way back to my desk from the dinner one, picking up some page proofs, I almost ran into a wall, and nearly dropped my full plate (everything from ham - and nothing says Happy Hanukkah! like a good slice of ham - to cannoli).

I think if I'd done that I would've just sat down on the floor and cried.

Debt, during Christmas season, pah! Who cares?

But losing free food? Tragic.

I don't know what that says about me, but it might explain my waistline. I'd like to think it reinforces my belief that I enjoy the smaller things in life. Like chicken wings and pulled pork in the same meal.

Potluck, Wikipedia style - yes, I still believe in them
"Hot Shots!" and its jokes about chafing dishes

As for a more serious tragedy, when I was poking around on earlier today, I saw ex-Raider Darrell Russell died in a high-speed car crash today. That's a jaw-dropper. A tragic end to a tragic life that was once full of hope and potential.

The Raiders are one of those teams that's been jinxed with many (relatively) young men dying before their time. Another name for the list that includes Stacey Toran (drunken driving), Tim Hall (drive-by shooting), John Matuszak (hard living), Lyle Alzado (cancer and/or steroids), Mike Wise (suicide), Dave Waymer (heart attack), Eric Turner (cancer), Dave Dalby (car crash and/or suicide) and more. Barret Robbins didn't die, but he has certainly suffered many life tragedies in recent years, too. Very sad. Tragedy, and perhaps foolishness, know no bounds of fame, fortune or otherwise.


Lesley said...

I can relate to crying at the dropped plate of food. Three years ago, my car got hit outside the Wawa in Princeton during my lunch hour. The car was very banged up but thankfully I was fine. I knew most likely that I was out $500 for the deductible and I had pretty much no idea where that money was coming from. It was Christmas, my money had all been spent, and my student loan was due. But I didn't worry. At least I was okay.

I finally got back to my office that day, and one of my coworkers brought me a Starbucks caramel macchiato as a little glad-you-survived gift. As I was walking back to my desk, I slid on a wet floor and dropped the macchiato. I started to cry. When it was a $500 deductible, I thought "hey, what's $500?" but for a $3.50 cup of coffee I cried actual tears. Crazy!

You know, it just occured to me that I'm pretty sure that acerimrat is an anagram. I think I figured it out! Yeah, I'm a nerd, I know.

Ace said...

You know, it just occured to me that I'm pretty sure that acerimrat is an anagram. I think I figured it out! Yeah, I'm a nerd, I know.

Do I want to know what it is?

Lesley said...

well that part is tough. I'm going to guess Eric Martin, and that you fudged a couple letters here and there.

I do a lot of crosswords and sudoku so I'm used to looking at things crazy. Plus I'm dyslexic. And a nerd.

Ace said...

Actually, it's just slang.

There are "rim" editors and "slot" editors, in one of journalism's dirtier-sounding bits of terminology. My first job, I answered an ad seeking an "ace rim rat." And thus I almost never have to worry about anyone else stealing my nickname on Web sites and stuff.

Lesley said...

And here I thought I was smart. Blast!!!