Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The most wonderful (monkey) time of the year

Can I just interrupt today's religion-themed post to point out the patron saint of smart mouths has put up two of the awesomest holiday monkey pictures ever?

• The Hanukkah monkey - complete with prehensile tail and dreidel!
• The sock monkey Nativity scene - complete with baby-monkey-Jesus!

So go there and check 'em out!

And notice my new sidebar referring you to blogs that make me laugh, including hers.


Lesley said...

I was trying to find a Solstice monkey but there aren't any. Damn!

Thanks for the shout-out (again!) and the link. However, the links in your sidebar are not working and I thought you'd want to know.


Lesley said...

p.s. what i forgot to say is that if you need some help with the code for the links, shoot me an email. I'm mad helpful that way.

Ace said...

I fixed it. I cut-and-pasted funny so I had two HTTPs in one link and was missing a word from the other.

All better!

Ace said...

p.s. and thanks!

Lesley said...

You are most welcome. Just trying to be helpful. I'm only one person, but I do what I can. :)