Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Random referral

In the interests of time, and to spare you from continued bitching (today, car repairs!) and lamenting about putting out my Massive Mountain o' Recycling instead of watching my Big Box o' Buffy tonight, I'll just post a random link to a random blog I found on Freak's links list.

Boobs, injuries and Dr Pepper

Why this one? Well, I clicked on it because it sounded funny, boobs being something I like, injuries being something I'm too familiar with and Dr Pepper either being a sickly-sweet soda or a sickly-sweet mixed (?!) drink that I've drank either way.

(recipe for Dr Pepper, the drink, near as I could tell back in '00: drive to Canada with underage-in-U.S. girl. get hotel room across street from bar. go to bar. order a beer, then drink half. take remaining half-glass of beer, drop a shotglass full of amaretto in. chug. watch out for the shotglass hitting your teeth. repeat often. then try to walk home across much-busier-than-though street. sleep. drive home.)

So with this blog, when I see posts with titles like "Hockey and A New Way To Tell Someone That They're Retarded" I was hooked.

Lady's blog almost makes me wish I had kids - it would probably make this blog more entertaining, although this blog is probably a prime argument for why I SHOULDN'T have kids.

And any woman who'll discuss how and why she shaves in her blog deserves some kind of praise.

Meanwhile, time to prepare the severance package for my Cardboard Sherpas.

A guide to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," the TV version
Dr Pepper, the soda

If I don't post by Thanksgiving, I probably won't until next week. Consider yourselves warned. I'm going home for the holiday, and to bury my dog.

I cried last night thinking about how if I went home early and slept in the guest bed it would be the first time I ever slept in that bed without him jumping on, licking my face, stepping on my head and eventually curling up next to me to sleep.

This is doing wonders for my depression. Not.

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Crystal said...

Aww, thank you so much. I'm sorry about your dog.

God, I'm lame.