Friday, October 31, 2008

"Lowest of the low"

Hey, politicians?

Want a reason why American voters feel disillusioned?

How about this ad from Elizbeth Dole, who I used to respect:

In the 30-second ad, a narrator says that a leader of the Godless Americans Political Action Committee recently held a "secret fundraiser" for Hagan.

The ad then shows members of the group, which promotes rights for atheists and the separation of church and state, declaring that neither God nor Jesus exists.

"Godless Americans and Kay Hagan," the ad continues. "She hid from cameras. Took 'Godless' money. What did Kay Hagan promise in return?"

The ad ends with a picture of Hagan and a voice that sounds like hers declaring, "There is no God."

But the application said Hagan never made that statement or accepted money from the group.

North Carolinians, if you were on the fence before, I think this should tell you everything you need to know about the kind of person Dole has become.

And to heck with partisanship and party lines, that disgraceful classlessness ought to be enough to get you to vote for Kay Hagan.