Friday, May 09, 2008

The tide has turned

So today, I tried out a pizza place I discovered on my way to work.

Friday being my usual food-indulgence day, I went with a pair of favorites: a cheesesteak and some slices of pizza.

I got a menu in there the other day, so I called ahead.

And when I got there, I was saddened to notice one of the specials was a portobello mushroom, roasted peppers and mozzarella sub. And I found myself thinking, man, I would've ordered that instead of the cheesesteak.


So I would've passed up my third-favorite food ever, for a vegetarian sub?

What's happening to me?

From the Dept. of Irony and Oddities:
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain was in New Jersey today. I heard the report on the radio, and I'm not sure what made my head explode the hardest:

1. That he talked about defending the environment if elected.
2. That he then disputed a report he failed to vote for George Bush in 2000, over Al "Mr. Environment" Gore.
3. Or that Gore's running mate, "Traitor Joe" Lieberman, was on the podium with McCain.


Heidenschneckenbaum said...

I can tell you what's happened to you.

*sound of whip cracking*

The best thing ever!!!

Stewie said...

Agreed with Freak.

The day you you turn down a cheesesteak for a mushroom sub is the same day you start shopping for dresses.