Saturday, April 19, 2008


My little counter (over the at the bottom right) hit 10,000!


I realize that's small potatoes compared with some of you (cough jin cough Crystal).

But it's a big deal to me.

So thanks, to all my wonderful regular readers (all 12 of you!) who have always said, "Hey! Enough with the monkeys!" and all those who have stumbled on via Google and said, "Hey, this isn't monkey porn!"

It's been fun. Send me comments. Read my little traffic/map feed and see what exotic countries I've picked up since I switched maps (lost Australia, gained Argentina) to Marisa's.

And, hey, if, like me, you think it's about time Mookie endorse something other than chicken, send me coupons!

Thanks for reading. I'll be back with a real post soon. If we're all lucky.

1 Comment:

jin said...

That's Kewl Munkee!!!

Oh and... rumour has it, the only reason I have so many hits is because of the accidental cleavage. Hrmph. Go figure?!