Tuesday, April 01, 2008

One of those days...

Did you ever have one of those days?

Yesterday, our entire household managed to be sick.

Marisa left work early with the illness she was nursing all weekend...

... And wound up taking care of me.

I never even made it in, managing to spend the morning throwing up and the afternoon at the doctor's office being checked for everything from a virus to appendicitis. In the one bit of good news, we opted for virus and swollen side lymph nodes causing pain, meaning all I had to do was spend the evening recovering from the flushing drink I had to take for the CT scan. Rather than, say, an appendectomy.

(Aside, on the drink, munkees don't like berries that much.)

Even Norton threw up yesterday. I didn't think dogs could catch human viruses. Maybe it was sympathy pains.

On the upside, I think we're all feeling better today. Sort of.

But if you're wondering where the last part of the 33 Years of Me is, that's the excuse this week.

I do feel worse than her today, which is only fair, because a) I started getting sick first, on Friday; and b) she felt worse than me all weekend after getting sick Saturday.

Not even a trip to Horrorfind on Saturday or watching Wrestlemania with me and Ed on Sunday could cheer her up.

I guess she got even today, though, since she told me she's feeling decent, if not 100%, today, and I feel much worse than that.

Happy April Fools' Day! This post is not a joke. I'm too sick to joke.